A lovely Alliteration at last.

I have a thing for W’s and alliteration, (you’re welcome). If we were ever to have more children, boys specifically, we would name them with the appropriate W-name. Walker, Weston.. Wyatt, William, whatever.. lol.

I can’t help but find joy in things that rhyme or have a rhythmic or almost symmetrical sound to it. As a child, everything that I would play or create would be Karie’s Korner or Karie’s Kreations or Karie’s Kool Kite…I have no real understanding of the order that it brings to my mind but it was never negotiable.. Even as a teacher, I would make my students introduce themselves to the class with their first name and something that described them with the same letter.. Of course it makes sense to do a double K or relabel things that start with C, with a K. Hence.. Waiting on Walker….

There is no real sense in it but a simple pleasure of making my brain smile. I think I need more of those simple things.. The things that make us happy without any logic behind it.. Like ordering a pumpkin spice latte in the fall from Starbucks.. Or buying new school supplies when no one is heading back to school.. One thing that doesn’t bring me joy would be shopping for bathing suits.. I am pretty sure I have had the same swimsuit for the past 5 years.. maybe longer.. actually , no it was longer… 6 years.. but I am totally cool with not investigating that territory.. 🙂 (I’m pretty sure I’ll online shop one when this is published)

I think that we make things so complicated with all our feelings and emotions and stress that we allow into our lives when that is not how God intended us to operate.. Yes, suffering can be apart of the journey to following Christ but so can peace and simplicity.. I am currently in a bible study from Priscilla Shirer called Breathe.. Our church did it a month ago but a dear friend has volunteered her Wednesday mornings to bringing the video over and doing it with me since I couldn’t attend the sessions at church. 🙂 Praise God for her and Priscilla and her lovely hair. I want to be her.. Umm.. SO, this morning she talked about how God set us free from Egypt, from bondage, and intended us to live in freedom but most of us can’t because we were brought up with the slave mentality.. We can’t be free , even though it is what God wants for us because of the way we are used to thinking.. To quote Joyce Meyer, “we have stinkin’ thinking ”

How often are we stressing over the enormity of our own feelings and disappointments that we miss the little things that are pleasing.. The joy of speech maybe or the blooms of spring or the fingerprints on the fridge.. I miss cherishing those simple things and to be honest..

when I think of life before Walker got sick.. I don’t remember the grand gestures or events but those small things that only happened when he thought I wasn’t looking.. or in the quiet of his bedroom waiting for him to fall asleep..

I praise God for those moments of simplicity and freedom that I was present and willing to take it all in.. I pray for more of those moments.. More alliterations that I can laugh out loudly loosely after.. that was good. I pray that you find your freedom in something simple today and feel free to use mine if you are too complicated to come up with anything.. 🙂