How I deal with depression.

So.. this is probably no shocker but along with this journey has also been a struggle with depression..

I have always fought off depression with exercise and diet but when faced with something like a sick child.. It seemed to be more then I could deal with on my own. I have been transparent with our journey and now I thought I could share some ways that I have dealt with this.

While in the hospital, I started taking an anti depressant because it was bad. I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t pull it together. I am so grateful that friends that rallied around me to say, you need help. So I started something to get me back in gear and it worked. There is nothing wrong with anti-depressants. They work but they also changed how I felt. I began to not have any emotion and couldn’t connect to what was happening around me. I was just doing what had to be done.

When we got home and got into a routine, I wanted to come off the drug and start something more in line with my natural way of living. I had been using this oil, Joy, on a regular basis but I didn’t realize what it was doing for me. I would laugh at how good it made me feel while pouring it all over me whenever possible. It wasn’t until I started researching the oils that I learned, um.. It is making me feel good for a reason. That is what its supposed to do. Lol. Um, what? When I learned that it helped with grief and desperation, I laughed and cried. It really was making me feel better. So I came off of my anti-depressant and started using Joy everyday. I put it over my heart, on my wrists and smell it throughout the day.

I also use lemon in my water, it helps me feel refreshed. I use Helichrysum on my wrists as it helps improve circulation and regenerate nerves. I use Lavender under my nose and in my face serum. It helps calm and soothe my anxiety throughout the day. I also use a lotion that has lavender in it that is amazing.  The last oil I use is Frankincense, this improves my attitude uplifts spirits. It is also an oil we use all day to help Walker with his seizures.

This stuff really works and if it will help someone to share then here you go. I also feel better when I run and drink green smoothies.. But that’s not new information 🙂