It just isn't fair is in town

It just isn’t fair is in town. Yes, I know. I’m writing about the fair, how lame, but trust me, there is some meat here. I’ve been in love with the fair since second grade. I still remember riding in the car with my best friend and her parents on the way home from the fair. I remember the song on the radio and how happy I felt…”Girl I must warn you, I sense something strange in my mind”..  Poison..Do you remember the beat? I’m sure you do because that’s what we told our parent’s we liked about it..  The coolest thing next to all the lights and music was our matching yellow t-shirts with our picture on it. The technology of the 1990’s was marvelous but also not sure that it has changed much in putting photos on a t-shirt.. The text was even better because it said something about us being angels. I’m sure her parents had no clue the impact they would make in my second grade mind but I still remember.. I still remember thinking I was an angel that karaoked to Michael Jackson.. Specifically his “It’s black, It’s white.. or “Heal the world, make it a better place…” I was pretty cool with my two pairs of socks and scrunchies.

Why does this memory stick out to me? What is it about the fair that makes me feel all giddy inside? I will tell you that over the years, that excitement has been quickly stunted when I see the mass amount of teenagers in see through pants.. All I want to do is scream,

“LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!” shout out to Ms. Shaw.

I find if I go early in the afternoon, the distraction is less. Side note, but seriously, can we put this on t-shirts? If I can see your butt cheeks then your shirt, is too short. What happened to modesty or at least self consciousness? I know what portion of my backside is exposed at all times, even in jeans.. I know what’s happening back there.. If you reach up to grab something off a high shelf and you are briefly exposed then fine.. But if you can feel the breeze constantly on your bottom side, your shirt is too short. Leggings are not pants. Especially not the ones that are thin leggings aka pantyhose….Hello, we can see through them! To your underwear or not. Yes. It’s true. The fault is really in the parents, please check your children before they leave the home. Let’s solve this epidemic, one legging at a time. Okay? I digress.

When I think about the fair and get past the legging fiasco, I get excited and relive all my memories tied to this time of year over again. I think of the time that our freshman science class went to the fair during the school day! That was big time by the way… I remember measuring the velocity of the rollercoaster. I also remember wanting to ride in the caged ferris wheel with a boy, which I’m pretty sure was deemed not safe enough for today’s children. I remember one of my class mates throwing up on the swings. Gross, but totally remember.  Something about October and the weather changing cooler, gives me hope of something wonderful happening. And the food.. I like to eat.. It was all so magical, so hopeful of a something simple that brought happiness.

My initial excitement over realizing that the fair starts tomorrow was quickly overshadowed by our fair experience last year. We had been home from Atlanta for two weeks.

Our new normal.

I was tired of being at home and we decided that we would still go to the fair and that we weren’t going to just sit around and miss out on things we loved doing. We would learn to do things a new way with Walker. It would be fine. We will figure it out as we go and we did.

It was difficult because the best part of being at the fair with two children, is seeing their excitement and reaction to all the rides and food and people. Weston wasn’t talking yet and well neither was Walker. So, Andy and I pushed the boys around in a stroller, which is always super fun in crowded areas, and noticed the legging epidemic maybe a little more then I normally would have…and tried to enjoy what we could. It was fine. It was honestly a preview of how the rest of 2014 would be.. Fine.

We would try and do things that we normally would have done and just push through it while waiting for restoration and hoping for the best. To be honest, the fair wasn’t that fair… None of this was.. But as the fair approaches and this time of year comes around again, I’m trying to make sure we do things we normally would and that we keep going because it isn’t fair that Walker isn’t better. It isn’t fair all the setbacks he has had this year… But it’s also not fair to Weston to not do things because it’s difficult…We weren’t promised fair.

I think realizing that takes away some of the disappointment but not the longing. I am still longing for simple joys and excitments. I am trying so hard to set aside more time to just be present in our moments. So while the leggings will probably be in full effect tomorrow, I will still brave the fair and try to brave this moment of our time.

It has been so joyous to have Weston talking these past few months.. That is really what I miss the most, hearing Walker’s thoughts and the way he puts together his sentences. So grateful we can be reminded of how sweet this time is through Weston’s little words.. I can’t wait to see his reaction to the sensory explosion that is the fair… Maybe next year will be different for us.. I have to keep hoping… “love her, kiss her.. that girl is  P O I S O N… Look it up grandma.. It has a good beat. :