Life in the Meantime

This is an expansion of my caringbridge page that I have been writing about my son, Walker… I figure since our life isn’t returning to our normal anytime soon.. That i should write about what we are doing in the meantime.

If you have been following our caringbridge page, , then you know what kind of life we have been living since July of last year.

A crazy one but a life that is still worth living and writing about. I’ve always loved writing and now this sickness with my oldest has restored a hobby that I used to love, blogging. Do they still call it that? It seems like blogging was super cool in 2000’s but now twitter and facebook seem to be how we all keep up with each other. Cool or not, here it is.

I am excited to write more in depth about what we are going through with Walker but also restore some areas of life that I had put on hold the last eight months.

So to get started….. I am a mother to two boys, four and two. A wife to a Citadel grad, baseball loving, deer/duck hunting, F3 crazed sexy red headed man. I am a former Art teacher and photography business owner. I still love taking pictures but haven’t picked up my actual camera since last summer. I love all things natural, unprocessed and oily. Yes, I said oily. I am currently obsessed with finding solutions with my Young Living Oils and sharing them with others..

You’ll most definitely hear me say, I think there is an oil for that…We like to eat clean but I also love a good bottle of wine and several bars of chocolate, often.

I’m desperately clinging to my faith in God and finding strength in his promises everyday. I’ve realized that I can’t do this in my own power and that without his Grace and Promise of new life, wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning.

We’ve been blessed with a community that does NOT stop loving us and rallying around us. I constantly feel like this situation is too much to handle on my own and then I stop and look around to realize that we are not alone. Praise The Lord, we are not alone.