Living Well, Spending Less

It was my goal last weekend to finish one of the 100 books that I have started recently.. I have a problem. I think it says something more about me that I can make it half way through any book but have trouble to finish one completely.

I don’t ever listen to a full song on the radio or play list but I can watch a movie I have seen 20 times before and be surprised by the ending. Hmm. Feel free to discuss..

So when we got to go to the beach unexpectedly last Thursday, I packed 40 books in anticipation of reading the last half of all of them. When I realized it was our last evening and I still hadn’t opened any of those books, I decided that one would have to be finished before I would come home.

I escaped from our hourly drama to the bedroom to read Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup…. I really had enjoyed this book so far but couldn’t find the time to get ‘er done.. lol.. I have to be honest, I didn’t think this book would end the way it did. She starts out explaining her journey which I felt I could very much relate too and wanted to learn..

How to live on a budget and redirect our hearts as well as the struggle of trying to fill our lives with things that we think will make us happy.. only to realize that as soon as we have something, that feeling goes away with the tag coming off. She discusses her spending problems but then follows what the root to that habit was.. She was looking for fulfillment.. AND Stuff isn’t fulfilling.. but we keep trying.. I have always been someone content by what I had.. Or I thought that until I read this book.. But I always find myself buying more stuff… I find myself in Target with my cart full… But I don’t have a problem.. But, If i just had one more throw pillow or one chevron blanket or if the boys had this sweater or if I had a softer bath rug THEN.. my life would be right. I would be happy, for today… But more stuff is just that.. more stuff. I found myself wanting to purge my home of 80% of the things I have acquired over the years and start over… with less… I’ve done this before.. Purge.. I’m a purger.. but then inevitably I find more things that we need and realize i”m surronded by clutter and stuff again. Ruth Soukup really challenged me to find out what am I shopping for?

I have to admit that I am mostly referring to my life, pre July 2014.. Things are very different now as to where we spend our money but I have succumbed to Target several times since being back from the hospital.. I’ve spent far less money at Target and more at health food stores and online trying to find something to help with our current situation. I’ve found that replacing our products with non toxic ones that I make myself has greatly decreased the amount of money I spend and my trips to Target. I enjoyed being challenged by this book to realize that spending habits should be lowered by being creative with how we spend money but was surprised by all the other ways to live better that she outlines..

She gives 12 tips on living well while spending less.. My favorite one was how to find your sweet spot.. The place where your talent and abilities intersect.. For me that was a tough one because, I don’t feel called to what my life has led me to.. I didn’t think that my life would journey down this particular path.. I feel like a secretary for a job I didn’t apply for.. I’m always on the phone or trying to fix an appointment, just as most moms of special needs are…I  thought that I would be a photographer , an artist, a movie star.. (laugh.. it’s still a dream) , a missionary or philanthropist. I was once a teacher and photographer… Then a wife .. Then a mom.. I never once saw one of my children getting sick and living in a hospital for three months.. Was I allowed to dream anymore?

To have desires outside of caring for Walker and Weston? But then when I read this.. The place where your talent and abilities intersect…maybe I was… I feel like passion and talent can be exchanged.. because my new passion, sparked by this journey.. Is to help other moms and families find answers outside of the hospital walls.. to share my ability to research and learn about new methods and share them. I feel like I am currently doing that through my journey with Essential Oils, through trying CBD, through the different diets that we have been trying…. I want to share it.. It makes me feel like all this was somehow worth it if I can help someone else.. Even if their story isn’t as extreme as ours, to still look for answers and feel confident that there isn’t just one way.. That maybe.. You can find the problem and fix it.. not just treat the symptoms.. Okay.. the book was also about how to clean your bathroom effectively.. but I didn’t care about much…

Here’s the book if you’re intrigued , Living Well, Spending Less