Resurrection Rolls and Restoration

Have you seen these? They seem like such a great teaching tool to show our young ones that Jesus went into a tomb and wasn’t there after they rolled the stone over it.. He was resurrected.. like the marshmallow in the roll disappeared.. kinda.. It’s still gooey but it’s a cool visual representation of what happened with Jesus.. If Jesus was a marshmallow. … lol.. Okay.

So, it has me thinking.. Watch out.. It has me thinking, what does that mean? That he was there and then he wasn’t.. So many times, I feel like God hears my prayer but then he doesn’t because nothing happens. But I feel the Holy Spirit.. Just wait, he whispers.. not yet.. but today I feel a strong emotional need to beg God LOUDLY for restoration again, on this celebration of his Resurrection.

Those two words just melt together in my mind and I can’t stop saying them. Jesus was RESTORED to his heavenly body but still had the scars on his hands and feet. He was Resurrected into the heavens to live with God but he was restored.. Restored to the way that God had created him to be for eternity..

Tonight, our church had Maundy Thursday service. I didn’t go.. Walker needed to be home.. He’s been having withdrawals which means random seizures and so that means that we don’t do the things we plan to do..I didn’t feel super today either but Andy went for us. They had a time of response that allowed Andy to seek prayer and be anointed with oils. He said he poured out his plea and heart to the elders of our church and that they prayed for Walker’s healing..

I still believe, Lord. Help me with my unbelief. Timing. Where oh God are you in this timing.. I still feel like Walker will be restored and so we are still seeking and begging and praying and waiting.. Do miracles still happen? Yep. Could one happen for Walker? Yep..

Why hasn’t God done it yet? I don’t know.. Why did he watch his Son be beaten, spit on, mocked and tortured? Was he away from him when this was happening? Was he any less in God’s provision because he suffered? Nope.. but did God come through? Yep. Was Jesus mad that he had to go through this? Probably.. especially at the end.. “Why oh God have you forsaken me?”… I’m not comparing Walker’s suffering to Jesus story. But i do see a parallel in watching both of his Sons suffer for a greater purpose then their own.. I do see that GOD eventually, set him free.

Please pray with us this Easter, that God will save Walker from this. That God will set him free from his sickness and that words would be returned to his mouth. That he would be restored. Walker’s story is bigger then us. Our pain is worth the price of bringing those to His Kingdom.. Lord, please let this be in his healing…Everyone is watching.. and waiting.. and praying.. Please pray with us.

“Heal Walker, Oh Lord and he will be healed. Save Walker, Oh Lord and he will be saved. For YOU are the ONE that we Praise.” Amen.