sixth and a video

Happy Birthday to our sweet Walker Hayes. We enjoyed a wonderful time the past few days with friends in Pigeon Forge. We had a great time celebrating life as we laughed and enjoyed the sights. It was a good time and even with all the things planned, there was an empty spot where Walker would have been. A seat next to his friend that was undeniably open. A place that will sit empty until we are all together in Heaven again.  

We miss him so much here and the life that we thought he’d live but we press on and celebrate the impact that he can have by reminding us to live each day to the fullest. Thank you for all your sweet comments and texts. Means a lot to know you are thinking of him too.

Here is the video that was made for us by my best friend for Walker’s funeral. I haven’t shared it before because it was too painful to watch but I feel like now is a great time to see his life and celebrate all the fun times that we had. Enjoy.