was a rough week with the stomach bug running its course here.. All four of us had it. I am so glad that Walker had it first, that way we could care for him before we took ill ourselves.. I did everything I knew to do it keep it at bay but nothing worked. So I didn’t have much to report last week except that we were sick and still fighting off Walker’s seizures. This was the first time that we have been sick since christmas two years ago. Hopefully we will continue on that track.

Now that I have been able to take a break from research, I of course had an epiphany today that has led to more research. First, I feel like no one could tell us why or how or what in this whole process was wrong with Walker. It is just here and the only thing that the doctors know how to do is give a medicine to treat the symptoms. I’ve known this but didn’t know how to figure out the rest. I have played the days leading up to July 3rd over and over again but nothing stands out to why Walker…

So, today in church, I had an epiphany.. Not about Romans 8..sorry Pastor Mike.. but about Toxicity. I started thinking about maybe him having something that could be stuck in his body allowing this cycle to perpetuate and not heal. How can he heal if something is still causing the seizures. I keep trying to stop the inflammation and help him build new pathways in his brain through therapy and anti inflammatories but what if something is still making him sick? So I started reading..about parasites. gross, right…. Okay, so I figured we would start there and maybe all join in on the fun. A parasite cleanse. This should be good to do anyways and since gut health is so important for keeping Walker healthy…this is what we will try next..

We are still on Modified Atkins Diet or Walker is.. That didn’t last long for us.. I really don’t enjoy eating a bunch of meat and after the excitement of bacon every morning.. I wanted my smoothies back.. Walker is producing ketones but I would not say that I have seen a dramatic improvement in his condition.. I also don’t love pumping him full of animal fats.. We do a lot of coconut oil, almond milk and hemp as an alternative but it has been opposite of the way we typically eat. I might try vegan for him after the next week or so if I don’t see improvements. It has been a little over two months since we started.

We are still defintely going to do the saliva swab and send to healers who share.. They do an analysis on the saliva and look for anything that could affect the vibrations in the body or the aura. It sounds odd but was incredibly interesting and my cousin is in the process of taking their remeides to help with his epilepsy.

We are also waiting on his lab tests to be read by Dr Renee and maybe look at a heavy metals test.. Just checking out everything.. Our bodies are created so incredibly to function correctly.. So when something is wrong.. I don’t want to treat a symptom .. I want to find the problem. So instead of me begging God to heal him, I am now begging God to show me what is wrong with him.. I am still praying for complete restoration but I refuse to accept that this is just the way things will be. I can’t live like this anymore. I believe God can fix this and I wish so much that he would end this journey for us. But , he hasn’t. Maybe my journey will inspire others to get to the root of the problem instead of medicating it or not to give up hope. Even when it seems like it won’t get any better. I choose to believe that it will.