What to do when a baby is born in your bathroom...

When my cousins needed to crash with us for a few weeks until their baby was born before moving to Atlanta, we undoubtedly agreed. Kala had helped me care for Walker when I needed a hospice nurse and I was happy to have them back around so much. Since she had been through our journey with us, it only felt natural to have her in our home again during this transitional time in her life. And she was 9 months pregnant and I love babies. Especially brand new ones. They are a small glimpse of the way God created the world to be. Perfect. Innocent and Quiet. 

If I could smell fresh baby everyday, I would. They should make new car fragrance that smell like fresh babies. You know what I mean??? Right? If not, sniff a brand new baby and try not to do it again. You can't stop yourself. One sniff for the road. 

It is always the saddest day when they lose their fresh baby scent. Scratch and sniff does not apply here. You'll just end up with cradle crap under your nail.

But anyways. 5 days past her due date does not make for a happy momma and so she scheduled an induction for Friday morning at 8am. Well, God is good like that and had her go into labor at 1am Friday morning. Not just any labor, the kind of labor that goes from zero to sixty in one hours time. She woke up with contractions and within a few minutes realized that this was not a drill.. False labor people, its real. But this was not that. 30 minutes later , I woke up to my cousin Brandon standing over my bed calmly saying...

"Hey,.. Kala is in labor upstairs and she might have the baby in the bathtub. EMS is on the way.."

I say... not so calmly.. "WHAT? Kala's having a baby in the bathtub????" 

I am standing up and running up the stairs before I am even sure this is actually happening. I come to and I am standing over Kala in the bathroom trying to clarify what was just spoken to me.. Surely.. Surely.. You can make it to the hospital.. 

Next thing I know, a Fireman appears in the bathroom, upstairs, with us.. Trying to calm the situation when a woman is having contractions about 1-3 minutes apart is not really breath well spent.

A birthing woman will do what a birthing woman does.. Birth. Contract. Birth. 

No words or teams of Medical Professionals will slow a baby descending  down a birth canal.

So side bar. Several months prior.. Kala had an inclination to contact a doula/midwife about being present for the birth to help her stay drug free throughout labor. So un side bar.

I am suddenly on the phone with said doula. Explaining she needed to come to my house now instead of the hospital because this baby is coming here. She tells me to encourage Kala and help her be comfortable.. So I find every towel/blanket that I own and pour them all into our upstairs bathroom. Pillows, rugs, basically all things fluffy to distract from the harshness of a tile floor. I find them all. What else? Chuck pads. Okay, thank you Walker. 

We would not have disposable chuck pads to lay over everything if it weren't for you. The doula is now lost and can't find my address in her GPS because my neighborhood is actually in Narnia and not on GPS.. I pass the phone off to an EMS guy to give directions.

I'm back in the bathroom where an EMS professional, Jenny, has now taken over from the SIX men that were trying to convince her into a creaky old wheelchair that will take her down the stairs and onto their EMS vehicle, only to have her deliver on the side of the road in a field somewhere. So , luckily for her, she said " Um. NO.  I am not doing that chair and I am having my baby here." 

An entire year later, the doula arrives. She manhandles the situation in the most amazing way possible. Checks the fetal heart rate, assess Kala and reassures her. Five minutes later, the baby is born...In my bathroom. On the floor. Tears.

Besides being the single most unexpected event in my entire life and theirs, it was the most beautiful experience to participate in. And by participate in , I mean pretend to be a nurse/errand girl/clean up crew. Kala did all the work, I just ran around in circles trying to be useful and discreetly wipe things down.

After Lyla Kate was born at 2:43 am. We moved Kala to the bed and said farewell to the 6 extra people in the room. All who still had their steel toed boots on, upstairs, on my floors. I'm fine. I'm cool. Focus on the baby. Hey Pretty Girl.. My chiropractor also has shown up and is tending to baby and mom. While we are all basking in the glow of baby, I ask if there is anything the doula needs.. Which since this wasn't a planned home birth, we need things that I don't have. So I go to Walgreens at 3am to get these things. 

As I am driving , it all sinks in.. All the things. The reality of what has just happened. I have heard God many times since Walker was sick say, "What the enemy has intended for evil, I will make good." I've wondered what that meant. But tonight, I hear him this time..

Say.. "What the enemy has intended for evil, I have MADE good. "

I can't even fathom the truth in this.. I'm crying so much, I'm afraid I'm going to get pulled over for reckless driving.. Surely, they would let me off once I told them what happened. But still.. That would take time.. and so I go get the things from a sweet college aged girl at Walgreens, who surely thinks I live in a rickety shack in the woods for a baby to be born on my bathroom floor.. But I care not.. Because I know I don't live in the woods.

So I'm back and y'all. She still has to deliver the placenta... Life lesson here. There is more than just a baby that comes out. So.. the doula tells me she needs a bowl. Okay, cool got it..

I run downstairs and sidebar again. My husband has been standing in the middle of the living room for an hour, trying to figure out what he is supposed to be doing.. So, un side bar... I tell him as I run past him, I need a bowl for the placenta! Here is a great insight to a man's mind. He says, "Get a bucket from the garage". .. WHAT??? I tell him, "She's not an animal Andy." I grab a huge glass bowl and a disposable Tupperware bowl with a lid. I run back upstairs and then it dawns on me half way up the stairs, that I am not going to be able to look at this bowl the same after this. I'm secretly pleading with her to choose the disposable bowl.. Here.. Which one do you want?? This incredibly expensive microwavable and oven proof bowl or this great handy-dandy bowl with a lid that was possibly brought to us with food in it from a sweet friend. 

Dear God, please choose the Tupperware.

She chooses the Tupperware. Amen.

After that, my memory just kind of fades in happy baby mode.. Which is enjoy baby and let the adrenaline die out. Isn't adrenaline an amazing thing? You don't think, you just do what has to be done.. It's incredible.

Everyone was healthy and now their family has another person in it. And it happened in my house. In this house that I thought I could never fully be at peace in because it was where I lost my son.

 We moved here for Walker, no steps in or out of the house and three main bedrooms downstairs..But now he was gone and we were left with this house. But then ..God grants Life.

Life. Life happened in my house. Life happened in my house after death happened here. The reality of those two things hit all of us at once. We were all in tears because GOD IS GOOD. He is sovereign and he will not forget us. This was planned longed before and the promise of good is not far off from the dark cloud of bad ..my friends.

God redeemed our home by bringing life into it and in the most unusually beautiful way. A way that will forever intertwine our two families and the lives of Walker and Lyla Kate. It was just the most amazing and uplifting event. I miss my boy so much but a little piece of the void was filled with the joy of Lyla Kate being the life that was had in our home. Praise you Jesus. Praise you God..

It's so good..Beauty from Ashes. I hear , I will make all things new.

" Behold, I am doing a new thing;

    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness

    and rivers in the desert."

Isaiah 43:19